About the European AM Observatory

Welcome to the European AM Observatory.

The AM Observatory is putting in practice a methodology for a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth of the Additive Manufacturing Sector in Europe. We provide updated information on AM skills needs shortages and mismatches and on technological trends. We monitor a broader scope of AM related initiatives, which are in demand by the labour market within the European and National landscapes.

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Qualification Council

A Team of AM Qualification Entities that is responsible for the updates & developments of the Qualifications of the AM Qualification System.
The EAMQC also has the role of nominating Education Working Groups in order to revise or create Professional Profiles or Qualifications, thus based on the Industrial Council indications.

Industry Council

A Team of AM Industry representatives to ensure the developments and findings of the AM Qualification System are done in total alignment with industrial needs.
The EAMIC also has the role of nominating Industry Advisory Groups to collaborate with Education Working Groups during the validation of the industrial requirements, which will ultimately favour the updating of existing AM qualifications or development of new ones.

Pool of Experts

The pool of experts will be composed by a team of experts from all European Countries to assist the management of the AM Qualification System.

Working Groups

Climate Action
The Climate Action WG supports members and the broader INATBA community to develop a systemic and cohesive "data and digital innovation infrasturcture to enhance climate actions"...

The starting point is the key necessity to develop and structure educational programs that ensure that current and future decision makers are aware of the blockchain technology and its possible and not possible applications.

Adelaide Almeida

EWF Head of Educational Projects