AM Education & Training

AM Qualification System

The European AM Qualification System is composed by a set of qualifications for different proficiency levels in the field of AM technologies, grounded in industry requirements and validated by experts.
The System uses a modular structure composed by units for learning outcomes to describe the expected knowledge and skills acquired by trainees after the successful completion of the training courses. Within the system, a single syllabus for each level is defined, supported by a harmonised system for assessment and quality assurance, resulting in the same qualification being awarded independently from the country.
Currently, the AM Qualification System covers Metal AM Qualifications from Operators, Designers, Supervisor, Inspector to Engineers levels.

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  • Metal AM Engineer:
  • Metal AM Coordinator
  • Metal AM Designer
  • Metal AM Supervisor
  • Metal AM Inspector
  • Metal AM Operators:
  • AM ATBs Map

AM training Centres

The European AM Qualification System is implemented through a network of AM training Centres from Vocational Education and Training (VET) and Higher Education (HE) institutions, both belonging to the public and private sectors.

Overview of AM Training Network in Europe

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