Skills Strategy Roadmap

The European Additive Manufacturing Roadmap is providing the overall guidance for implementing SAM’s strategy until 2030, outlining how the project intends to address the evolving sector needs and challenges towards AM skills development.

The Strategy includes:

  • Key Challenges facing the AM Sector (“Gap Drives”);
  • Establishment of Strategic Objectives and outline of the proposed supporting actions and implementation activities put forward by SAM and beyond;
  • Mind map of the AM Skills Roadmap representing the required Professional Profiles, Qualifications and Skills linked with the AM value -chain, materials and processes..
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The flagship activity of the Skills Strategy Roadmap consists in the deployment of the International AM Qualification System (IAMQS) through a network of training providers, sustained by a strong connection between a wide range of industrial sectors, which are applying AM in their activity or intend to do so.

Learn more about the European AM Skills Strategy Roadmap by reading the booklet and full version.