9th Project Meeting, 18th October, 2022

The SAM project partners convened this day in Porto-Salvo, Oeiras, for TM9, hosted by EWF.
The meeting marking an essential step in the project's progress, as partners discussed the plans related with the project extension until June 2023 , as well as future actions for the exploitation of SAM and the IAMQS.

Some highlighted decisions were made as follows:
• Launch of 4th Round of Surveys for Companies, Workforce, and Recruitment Agencies
• Organization of the 4th Workshop to Validate Survey Results
• Development of the 4th Report on Skills Needs
• Implementation of Surveys Targeting National Qualification Agencies
• Validation of Newly Developed Curriculum Units (CUs)
• Update of Online Catalogues
• Execution of International Metal AM Coordinator Advanced Course
• Arrangement of Awareness and Dissemination activities (podcasts, open days, school visits)