SAM Partners Reflect on the Project Legacy

The SAM project has brought together an array of stakeholders, ranging from industry leaders to educational institutions and associations. For each partner, the experience of being part of SAM has been one of collaboration, shared purpose, and collective growth. The project has facilitated cross-sectoral cooperation, allowing experts to pool their knowledge, insights, and resources to create a holistic and forward-thinking approach to additive manufacturing.

Looking ahead, partners are enthusiastic about continuing the momentum generated by the SAM project. The collaboration and networks established during SAM have laid a foundation for ongoing activities that will sustain the spirit of innovation and cooperation. Partners anticipate that these connections will continue to flourish, fostering a dynamic ecosystem where insights are shared, challenges are collectively addressed, and new opportunities are explored.

In the words of a project spokesperson, "Our journey with SAM has been transformative. The legacy we're creating goes beyond tangible outcomes; it's about a mindset shift, a commitment to progress, and a community of forward-thinkers who will continue to shape the additive manufacturing landscape."

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