Update! SAM WEBINAR - Qualification for Designers in AM

About the webinar
The webinar focused on the idea of sharing information about qualifications for Designers of AM. As thoughtful design for AM (DfAM) is critical to success and helps to extract the maximum benefit of additive technologies, whilst also minimizing its associated costs. As such, Profitable AM applications combine high product performance with cost-effective production and efficient post-processing.The event was moderated by Kenan Boz ( EPMA, France) and counted with the presentation of remarkable speakers’ , which shared their practice and experience in Design for AM. Also the theoretical background for design concepts was covered in their presentations, as follows:
Eujin Pei (Brunel University, United Kingdom) – “Design for Additive Manufacturing”
Salmi Mika (Aalto University, Finland) - “Different workflows when designing industrial and medical components”
Roger Barnett (ANSYS, United Kingdom) – “Additive Manufacturing and Materials Intelligence”

The webinar enabled participants, students, young engineers and industry representatives to be acquainted with the International AM Qualifications for Designers (e.g. Metal AM Designers for PBF and DED processes; Metal AM Design Technician and Polymers Designers) , as well to understand the necessary knowledge and skills for designers of additively manufactured parts.
The main challenges and issues related to Design for AM were highlighted, thus referring to:
• Use of AI and big data, data mining, etc.
• Greater use of topology optimization generative design;
• Considerations on sustainability and green design linked with the optimizing use of materials and energy
• Materials data issues (e.g. absence of tracking across the end -to-end process; lack of understanding on the relation between process -property, among others.)
• Assessment of the implications for education and reskilling of the workforce.

Watch the full video of the webinar