IAMQS National Roll Out has officially started, March 2023

IAMQS National Roll Out has officially started, March 2023

SAM project is achieving the important milestone of the national roll out of the IAMQS and AM Training, with the conduction of two events already in March in Italy and Spain. As part of the sectoral skills strategy to support the overall growth of Additive Manufacturing as industrial ecosystem, SAM partners are ensuring that the project results, in particular the Observatory and the IAMQS, are up taken at national and regional level, through a wide range of actions.

Examples of activities to be conducted from March to June 2023:

[Action type 1] - Organizing awareness campaign focused on different target groups, addressed to all the stakeholders involved in AM, from youth in general, current industrial workers, engineers, and all those with a potential to be part of the AM workforce of the future and/or make use of the technology.

[Action Type 2] - Organizing AM training sessions, addressed to specific target groups needs regarding a specific CU or Qualification. The implementation of such actions might require a prior session to identify the needs of target groups and awareness about the system advantages.

[Action type 3] - Relating the International AM Qualifications with NQF, addressed to policy makers which requires the involvement of both public and private national bodies responsible for the alignment of their qualification systems with the International one.

[Action type 4] - Organizing events to facilitate networking and collaboration in EU and National calls for AM. These events aim to foster and support the growth, the innovation and competitiveness of the AM sector by collaboration of EU and National Industries and educational institutions.

[Action type 5] - Establishing of synergies with other policy frameworks and initiatives, such as regional smart specialization strategies, industrial clusters, Centres of Vocational Excellence or Knowledge & Innovation Communities (KICs) of the European Institute of Technology (EIT).

More information will be provided soon in this channel and social media.