IAMQS National Roll Out in Italy, 6 March 2023

IAMQS National Roll Out in Italy, 6 March 2023

Additive manufacturing technologies are consolidating their role as key enablers of the digital and green transition. In this scenario, manufacturing companies need to take advantage of the strategic opportunities that additive manufacturing can offer to innovate products, processes and supply chains.

In this meeting, some of the most important users of additive technologies in the Italian market will reflect together on current and future scenarios for additive manufacturing in various industrial sectors.

Moreover, brand-new opportunities for AM up skilling and reskilling will be shared with the attendees. With the participation of:

• Aidro – Valeria Tirelli
• Ansaldo Energia – Benedetto Gallo
• Baker Hughes – Simon Kemble
• Camozzi – Andrea Camisani e Mirco Chiodi
• GE Avio Aero – Edoardo Peradotto
• Leonardo – Romano Iazurlo e Sergio Sartori
• Lima – Riccardo Toninato e Federico Anzil
• Valland – Luisa Mondora

The event organizers are Bianca Maria Colosimo, Barbara Previtali (Politecnico di Milano & MADE4.0) e Davide Sher (3dpbm).

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