4th Internal Workshop to Analyse Data on AM Skills needs, 5th April 2023

4th Internal Workshop

On the 5th April, SAM partners joined online to analyse the last round of auscultation results gathered among industrial organisations and their workers .
The overall study was conducted through online surveys from December 2022 to March 2023, corresponding to 163 responses on current AM training needs.

The objectives of the internal workshop were the following:
• Analysis of replies from Industry concerning AM skills needs to be addressed in 1 year (Real Case Scenarios)
• Identification of gaps: Professional Profiles, Skills and knowledge
• Evolution of needs comparing with industry replies from 2021 and 2022
• Refection on the implications of the results for IAMQS
• Identification of priorities & topics to be validated with external organizations

The main conclusion of the workshop will be presented this month in alive event at Materialise (Leuven- Belgium).
Find further details here! and published in the last SAM report on AM skills needs, expected for June 2023.