Getting to know the Hungarian AM training needs

Getting to know the Hungarian AM training needs, 2nd May 2023

A national roundtable was conducted on the 2nd May with of group of participants representing Hungarian universities and companies, aiming to identify AM training needs and encourage the use of the technology in Hungary in alignment with the IAMQS. The event took place at MHtE Budapest premises and counted with the special participation of Rita Bola, head of projects unit at EWF, and Dr. Harry Bikas, Research Engineer from the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics at the University of Patras-Greece.

During the roundtable participants were invited to reflect about the challenges and opportunities for AM training (supported by specific questions), which were later on discussed in the large group.

As an outcome, important conclusions were drafted regarding the technology adoption and training needs, namely:
• AM for Polymers is more demanding than for metals in Hungary;
• There is a gap of skilled people in Additive Manufacturing in Hungary in general;
• The choice to invest in polymers comes from the fact that it requires a lower initial investment than metals, making it a less risky AM alternative to start with;
• Having a more qualified work force in the field would make AM more attractive to companies (not having qualified personnel makes a huge barrier for the adoption);
• The gaps on skills are transversal to several levels of qualification.