Final meeting and plans for sustainability, 30th May 2023, Nantes

SAM project final meeting was hosted by École Centrale de Nantes in France from 30th May to the 1st June. The meeting opening was ensured by Jean-Baptiste Avrillier, Directeur of Centrale Nantes, which welcomed all project partners. During the three days, the focus of the meeting was on the completion of the project results and on setting plans for the sustainability of the European AM observatory, the European Skills Strategy Roadmap for 2023 and for delivering the IAMQS Qualification Courses.

A part on debriefing on the sustainability and impact, partners discussed the content for the final results, which include:
• Updating the AM Observatory with data on current needs from Industry 2023
• Completing Sector Skills Strategy Roadmap 2023
• Updating the IAMQS Online Catalogue with description of 4 New CUs
• Implementing the National roll out activities
• Launching the Press Release & Final E- Newsletter
• Setting up the European Skills Network (Mainstream Steering Committee for AM)
• Completing the Action Plan for SAM Sustainability

Finally, we would like to thank all partners for their active engagement and support. Congratulations to all for the tremendous work achieved for the last 4 years and a half. SAM legacy will continue. It was a pleasure working with all partners, associated partners and AM community of experts.

Have a look at the final meeting best moments - Meeting teaser!

Arriving soon – SAM partners testimony about the SAM project experience, in terms of self-enrollment, legacy, future collaboration & more