Expanding AM ecosystem in Greece, 22nd June 2023

The national rollout in Greece focused on raising awareness and getting feedback from an industrial target group. In total, 4 persons attended, including 2 members of LMS, Panagis Foteinopoulos and Fotis Stamatopoulos, as well as the representatives of 2 Greek SMEs, both of which are part of an expanded AM ecosystem in Greece.

Panagis Foteinopoulos presented the most important SAM results, highlighting the need for well-organized and structured training programs and qualifications for AM. Particular emphasis was given to the analysis of IAMQS, the benefits it can offer, and the professional profiles comprising it.

A brief presentation of relative AM projects also took place.An open discussion with the industrial representatives followed regarding the need for an organized AM qualification system, as well as answering any questions the industrial representatives had regarding IAMQS and SAM.

Finally, the industrial representatives provided their feedback regarding their potential interest in IAMQS by answering some pre-defined questions LMS had prepared.