National Roll-Out in Portugal by ISQ and FAN3D, 6th July 2023

In a significant step towards fostering innovation and progress in AM, was achieved on the 6th July with the IAMQS national roll-out online activity. The event aimed at gathering valuable insights and perspectives from industry professionals in Portugal. The event, organized by the SAM project partners, ISQ and FAN3D brought together engineers from various sectors to discuss the present and future of AM in the country.

The event commenced with the Additive Manufacturing Process Overview course (CU 00) ensured by Paulo Morais from ISQ, to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of AM. Following the completion of the course, Beatriz Lopez from EWF, introduced the IAMQS to the participants. Then roundtable discussion was organized to facilitate an open dialogue and encourage participants to share their thoughts on potential innovations and future developments of AM in Portugal.

The participants highlighted several important points regarding the benefits, potential drawbacks, likely AM methods and materials, as well as the requirements for widespread adoption of AM in Portugal.

The insights gathered from industry professionals during this national roll-out activity will serve as valuable input for shaping future strategies and initiatives in the AM sector at national level.