EIT RawMaterials Expert Forum, Berlin 29th June 2022

EIT RawMaterials Expert Forum, is Europe’s most dynamic innovation and education exchange on raw materials. The event took place in Berlin over three days, 27-29 June 2022 and focused around three topic themes that reflect our strategic Lighthouse frameworks: responsible sourcing, sustainable materials manufacturing and Circular Economy solutions.

The principal aim of the Forum was to accelerate Europe’s innovation and education prowess in the areas of batteries, magnets, fuel cells, lightweight design, photovoltaics, and electronics. During the course of the forum, leading industry figures debate on latest technological developments and business opportunities to explore industry needs in terms of innovation and education.

In this context Beatriz Lopez, Additive Manufacturing Systems Manager, provided an, European perspective on ongoing activity in AM, especially concerning the skill perspective covered by SAM and the IAMQS.

You can download the presentation here!