Pursuing a career in AM: opportunities and obstacles for student and young professionals – 24th September 2020

Along the SAM webinar, the opportunities and main obstacles faced by students and young professionals who would like to pursue a career in AM will be tackled: Which are the skills needed to comply with the fast-changing requirements of the sector? How is AM an innovative technology? How can you exploit the heterogeneous potential of AM?

About the webinar:
The guest-speakers that participated to the webinar were Dr. Adeayo Sotayo, Michel Janssens and Kenan Boz with moderation of Harry Bikas. They provided an overview on AM applications and a real industrial example on how the technology is being mobilized as solution for the current COVID-19 Pandemic. Also, the International AM Qualification System (IAMQS) and its advantages were presented.

The webinar covered:
• Potential and opportunities in AM
• Working in AM in disruptive times
• Updates on the Skills strategy for AM and the IAMQS
• Challenges in undertaking training and pursing a career

The event gathered around 60 participants from Europe, mostly students. One of the conclusions of the event was that costs, lack of awareness on AM and the uncertainty about the relevance of undertaken the right AM Qualification / Training are the top three barriers in undertaken AM training. Another finding is that more on-job opportunities and real/industrial cases shall be envisages as methodologies to bridge the gap between industry and education.
The presentations are available here