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The 1st SAM pilot course was successfully delivered.

The CU26 pilot course Introduction to Materials (Metals and Alloys) organised under the scope of the SAM project (funded by the European Commission) was carried out virtually from the 2nd November 2020 until Thursday 26th November 2020. The course was delivered by Brunel University London in partnership with Ansys Granta, and featured over 70 participants from around the globe.

Over the 4-week period, the participants were given an introduction to materials with a focus on metals and alloys, and covered the structure, properties, phase diagrams and transformations, strengthening and failure mechanisms of Metals and Alloys. In addition, learning materials, teaching resources and temporary access to GRANTA EduPack software (i.e. a comprehensive database of materials and processes) were provided to the course participants.

Different learning activities and resources including interactive teaching tools, software, case studies and online quizzes were used to facilitate engagement and supplement learning. The course ended with a final assessment, leading to certificates for the participants from the SAM project.