EU Interaction Day “AM as a key enabling technology for Europe’s digital future
10th March 2021

EWF hosted the online Interaction Day Event “AM as a key enabling technology for Europe’s digital future” organised in the framework of the EU Industry Days 2021. The event gathered over 70 participants interested on AM all over Europe. It was co-organised by SAM and AMABLE projects, enabling a broad discussion on both AM technological and educational features and challenges.

SAM presentation ‘SAM Qualifications: the Personnel Roles for today and for the future’ focused on the project objectives, expected results and linkage with the International AM Qualification System (IAMQS).

A special highlight was given to the required AM qualifications roles and skills, identified in SAM through the studies conducted so far.
In parallel, a SAM roundtable was conducted with 18 participants focused on raising awareness on AM, its innovation features compared to conventional technologies and on the required strategies to foster the collaboration between the triangle education– research – industry towards AM uptake.
The event ended with an introduction to Certification, Qualification & Standardisation (CQS) in AM Competence Unit developed in SAM, which was extraordinarily provided by the Qualification Councils Experts: Klas Boivie (SINTEF), Gregor Reischle (TUV) and David Hardacre (Lloyds Register).

All presentation available here.