3D Printing Challenges in STEM - TECH4KIDS

As part of the SAM Tech4Kids activities, 2 projects Twist & Take and Mask Minder from the Loreto College in Mullingar (Ireland) have been selected to in the top 30 of the LUMA Start Competition! The International Competition is ran by Luma Centre Finland. This competition promotes interdisciplinary collaborative learning through project based learning.

About the projects and how to support: Project Twist & Take: is a container used to store a #wipe after use to keep it's moisture so that the clean side can be used again. There is a corrugated bottom that allows you to twist and take out a wipe without touching the packet. Project Mask Minder: is a reusable 3D printed #Covid-19 mask carrier bag that helps to #protect people from Covid-19 and protects the #environment.
In order to support projects to move the TOP 10, voting is required until 15th April, by adding a #like to the projects video on this Padlet https://lnkd.in/eZBAFtj
Twist & Take and Mask Minder are part of the ongoing 3D printing challenge delivered by Irish Manufacturing Research and I-Form, the SFI Research Centre for Advanced Manufacturing under the Tech4Kids initiatives. In this context, students from 4 different schools are using 3DPrinting to solve problems in sustainability, mentalhealth, disabilitycare and physical health.