6th Project meeting , May 2021

SAM consortium gathered for the 6th Online meeting, from 25th to 27th May to discuss and plan the future development to take place until December 2021.
Along the three days, partners focused on the alignment towards:

  • the review of forecast kit needed to perform the 3rd round of auscultation to training centres, industry and research centres;
  • the review of the methodology guidelines, templates and tools to be used in working sessions with experts;
  • the monitoring of the strategic objectives and activities foreseen in the European Skills Roadmap;
  • the implementation of the next piloting courses addressing the 2nd stage of real case and short term scenarios needs;
  • the promotion of new raise awareness tools, such as the Beaver Comic Series, Podcast and Educational Kit that will be available for children, students, teachers and AM professionals;
  • the consolidated engagement of associated partners with the project results and future events, namely the webinars and workings sessions.

The next meeting is happening in November this year.