SAM WEBINAR, Across the AM Industry:
The required skills-set by diferent sectors - 22nd of October 2021

The substantial growth of Additive Manufacturing is partly attributed to the fact that AM is being utilised across various sectors, which include Transportation, Medical and Health, Energy , Industry equipment and tooling, Construction among others.
In this context, there are different AM requirements across various industrial sectors, impacting on the skills requirements and qualifications for professionals from the different sectors.
To foster the uptake of AM in various sectors, the involvement of different sectorial stakeholders in the identification and validation of necessary skills/qualifications is crucial as well as the engagement with different sectorial organizations to allow a sectorial view on skills and qualifications for AM.
The webinar will address the perspectives from different sectors towards a detailed understanding of their challenges and needs in AM.

The results from Blueprints projects in the automotive DRIVES, defence, martime MATES and CONSTUCTION BLUEPRINT sectors and their linkage with AM will be showcased.

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The event speakers are:

  • Jakub Stolfa, from VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava, DRIVES coordinator
  • Lucía Fraga Lago, from Fundación CETMAR, Centro Tecnológico del Mar - MATES coordinator
  • Gualtiero Fantoni, from UNIPI – University of Pisa, ASSETs+ coordinator
  • Silvia SANTOS, from Fundación Laboral de la Constucción, Construction Blueprint coordinator