SAM 7th Project Meeting – 9th and 10th November 2021

SAM consortium accomplished its 7th meeting this week !
For two days, partners discussed the major achievements of the project and started planning next year activities.
In 2022 the project will be focused on :

  • • Delivering new rounds of forecast surveys to identify emergent and short term skills needs;
  • • Conducting workshops to analyze and validate AM skills needs and priorities;
  • • Updating the AM Sector Skills Strategy;
  • • Consolidating the AM Observatory platform activity;
  • • Delivering pilot courses on Sustainability for AM and Metal AM Binder Jetting Processes within the #IAMQS among others;
  • • Implementing the IAMQS and consolidating AM training Centres networks;
  • • Developing working sessions with experts from the IAMQC to revise and develop new qualifications and training programmes;
  • • Conducting raise awareness and dissemination actions (podcast, open -days and schools visits);
  • • Developing sound Reports and Papers on AM skills needs and technological trends.